Which NFL players have been more incoherent over the past month?

When a new NFL season begins, it’s often the players who have the best shot at making history.

But there have been a few players in recent memory who have struggled with their personalities, and it appears that some of those players have the potential to become very incoherent at times.

Here are the top 10 players with the most incoherent personalities over the last month.


Joe Flacco Ravens quarterback Joe Flavell has become one of the most popular players in the NFL.

He has a reputation for being unpredictable and sometimes off-script.

That’s not necessarily a bad thing.

He’s known for being a guy who has to do his homework, and there’s a reason he was the first player in NFL history to win two Super Bowls and to earn the nickname “The Man Who Shakes the Ravens.”

But Flacco’s personality has taken a turn this season.

He took some shots at himself on social media, saying that he was “playing” a different quarterback.

He also took to Twitter to vent about his struggles with his shoulder injury, and to call out his teammates for their poor performances.


Brian Urlacher The Philadelphia Eagles running back has a knack for doing whatever it takes to win.

Urlagger’s been known to do things like call out the referees after penalties, but his antics sometimes veer off the rails.

He was suspended from the NFL last season after he allegedly shoved his girlfriend in the face after a game.

Urbacher also recently took to social media to criticize his teammates, saying they “should have been out there kicking ass and taking names.”


Adrian Peterson The Minnesota Vikings running back is a fan favorite because of his toughness and his knack for making big plays.

He often uses his physicality to create mismatches and gets away with it because he’s so hard on himself.

He said on Twitter last week that he has been “taken advantage of.”

He also used a video on his Instagram to call NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell a “son of a bitch.”


Chris Kluwe Kluwe is one of football’s biggest stars, and the Minnesota Vikings quarterback has become a regular target of fans’ ire.

Kluwe has been accused of domestic violence multiple times, and recently took a knee during the national anthem in protest of racial injustice.

He recently took aim at the league for allowing him to remain on the field during the anthem, saying, “I want to be a free agent.

I want to have my freedom back.”


J.J. Watt The Kansas City Chiefs linebacker has been linked to several players over the years, but has been one of those people who seems to get a bad rap from fans.

He reportedly has been involved in at least one sexual assault case, and he was suspended for the 2015 season after a domestic violence incident with a woman.

In recent weeks, he has taken to social news platforms to defend himself against his alleged victims.

He tweeted, “You know, I think my victims deserve some credit.

And I’m not the kind of guy who makes excuses for my behavior.”


Matt Stafford The Detroit Lions quarterback is one the most recognizable players in sports.

He is known for his speed, his ability to hit, and his willingness to hit the ground running.

Stafford has a history of making comments that have angered his teammates and the media.

In the middle of an interview with ESPN, he went on to say that he’d be “honored” to play for any team in the league, and said he doesn’t think he’s “a bad person.”


DeSean Jackson DeSean has been on a tear since joining the Philadelphia Eagles, but he has had some issues in recent weeks.

The Philadelphia Inquirer reported that Jackson admitted that he’s been drinking a lot in recent days, and that he may have smoked marijuana before a game in September.

He and his girlfriend were reportedly seen kissing during the game.

He apologized for his actions, saying he was trying to “get a message across.”


Chris Harris Jr. Harris Jr., who has played in the National Football League for the past two decades, is one-of-a-kind in the way he’s played the game, which is something that has not been seen before.

He may be a former college star who was drafted by the New York Giants in the sixth round of the 2011 NFL Draft, but Harris Jr.’s been one-quarter of the NFL’s top-scoring receiver in the past three years.

He plays the game in an unorthodox manner, which he does because he wants to.

He doesn’t want to let others see that he plays this way.


Matt Forte Forte has been known for getting in the quarterback’s face, so it’s no surprise that Forte is also known for having a temper.

He called out a reporter during a game last year, and took it out on another

The game to get you excited for the holidays

You’ve probably heard the title of the new game to go along with the new holiday season: Anthem.

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The title of Anthem is based on a real story.

In December of 2017, the Holices Land in Florida was devastated by a massive storm.

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A man named John James Hogg lost his home, his car and his Christmas tree.

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Hogg decided to take his son to the Holice Christmas Tree to see the Holies lights.

Huggles son was not happy with this decision, and so he decided to walk back to the hotel to get his car repaired.

This was a pretty dangerous thing to do.

But Huggles sons decision to walk home was not something to be ashamed of.

His son was very determined to help.

Huggs son then called the Holiday Tree in the Holiday Inn to come pick up his son.

Hoggs son had a big heart and had a great sense of humor.

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The Holiday Inn is a famous Holiday Inn in Orlando, Florida.

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Hags son then decided to get a picture with the Holiday Lights.

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Higg then got a call from his son telling him that his father had gotten a call that his parents house was under a house fire.

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The next day, Higg posted the photo on Instagram.

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Hogg then posted a video on his Instagram of his son’s conversation with his dad.

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Hagg then wrote on his personal Instagram account that he felt that it was a great lesson.

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The Holiday Land was rebuilt and the holiday lights were put up again.

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This is where the story of Anthem came from.

In the years that followed, Anthem became a huge hit and is now a staple of many families Christmas traditions.

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