When are you going to play Pokemon GO? – TechCrunch

TechCrunch on Monday published a piece by a number of the top Pokemon Go game developers on the topic of when they would be able to go online.

The article states that the company is looking into making the game available at the same time as the upcoming Nintendo Switch.

The reason for the Nintendo Switch being such a hot seller is due to the console’s low price tag and limited hardware capabilities.

“We’ve been looking at ways to get our game onto Switch as soon as possible,” said Mike Gatto, creative director at Team Psyonix.

“With a price point of $399 we are not the cheapest title in the game, but it’s a lot cheaper than the $299 PS4 or $399 Xbox One.

We are currently looking at the Xbox One X and PS4 Pro, and we are considering all the options that Nintendo could have with their hardware, but we are still at the stage where we are excited about what could happen.”

Gatto went on to say that the next major update to Pokemon GO will be released at the beginning of June, which is on July 4th.

In addition to the Switch update, Pokemon GO has also been delayed due to some bugs.

Last week, Pokemon Go players on the iOS App Store received a message that said “Pokemon GO is not available in the App Store.”

The game has now been updated to include the missing update, and players have been able to download the app to play.

There is no word on when the game will be officially released on the Nintendo DS, but fans have already expressed their excitement over the upcoming update.

With the Pokemon GO app finally available on the iPhone, Android and the Xbox App Store, it seems that Pokemon GO is set to take the world by storm.