How to win the Bengals game without QB Andy Dalton

The Bengals are in the midst of their worst season in the last 30 years and their quarterback has been unable to lead the team to the postseason since the 2011 season.

The team’s struggles to start the season have been well documented, with injuries and poor playmaking and decision-making from Dalton leading to some of the worst records in the NFL.

Here’s what you need to know about the Bengals and their struggles to get to the playoffs in recent years.


They’re 0-4 in their last 11 games Andy Dalton has thrown for 6,734 yards and 29 touchdowns in the first half of a game in which they’ve lost three straight.

He threw for 3,611 yards and 31 touchdowns against Pittsburgh on Oct. 20, 2016, and 3,856 yards and 30 touchdowns against Cleveland on Sept. 27, 2021.

That was his last time in the playoffs, but he’s thrown five touchdowns in his last six games.

The Bengals lost three of their final four games, losing three in overtime to the Titans and Falcons and losing to the Packers and Cardinals.

They also lost to the Vikings, but won the game on a last-second field goal.

Dalton was sacked 19 times and has completed just 28 of 55 passes for 326 yards and a touchdown.


The offense hasn’t been a factor The Bengals’ offense has struggled to score points in the red zone, but they have averaged nearly 28 points per game and scored in double figures in four of the last five games.

They’ve also been stingy on defense, surrendering just six points per contest in their past four games.

Those are some impressive numbers for the offense to give up a lot of points in a short amount of time.


Andy Dalton’s play has been erratic Dalton hasn’t thrown for more than 300 yards in a game since Week 2 and hasn’t completed more than 80 percent of his passes in any of his past six games against the Steelers.

Dalton has faced four teams that are in or near the bottom of the NFL in points allowed per game, the Bengals are currently in the bottom half of the league in that metric.

The only other quarterback in the league to have a higher average points per pass attempt is Matt Ryan.

Dalton is currently tied with Peyton Manning for the third-worst QB rating in the past five years.

He’s thrown three interceptions in the Bengals’ past five games, and three other interceptions.


The defense has been porous Andy Dalton is the only quarterback in NFL history to throw for more yards against the Bengals in each of his last four games against them.

He also has a career-high 10 sacks and is tied with Eli Manning for third in the career sacks with 12.

Dalton threw for just 17 points against Pittsburgh, but completed 14 of 32 passes for 269 yards and three touchdowns.


The Steelers have been outscored by 21 points or more in each game the Bengals have played The Bengals have scored an average of 12.3 points per drive against the Pittsburgh Steelers, but have scored just 17.0 points per scoring drive against them during the Bengals-Steelers divisional round playoff series.

They are tied for second in the division in scoring offense.


The last time Andy Dalton threw a touchdown against the team with which he has the most games played in franchise history was the 2004 season, when he threw for a touchdown and threw for six touchdowns against the Cleveland Browns.

The two teams split the season series, and Dalton threw three touchdowns in each.

Bengals’ fans should be excited that Andy Dalton might be coming back for the 2017 season.

Bengals fans should also be relieved that he’s throwing for more yardage than they have in his career.

Andy’s average of 4,077 yards is second-most in the franchise history.

He has averaged 4,037 yards in his previous four years, and he threw 4,081 yards in the 2015 season.


The Cincinnati Bengals are 4-1 when Dalton has passed for 300 yards or more and 4-0 when he has thrown three or fewer touchdowns.

They have a 10-1 record when Dalton passes for 300 or more yards and 8-1 all-time when he throws for three or more touchdowns.

Andy has thrown five touchdown passes to three interceptions, with one of those touchdowns coming in Week 9 against Pittsburgh.

Dalton will be able to keep that streak going against the Browns on Sunday.


The Browns are 3-1 on the road since the start of last season, and they have not won on the trip to the AFC South since 2013.

They were 0-2 in the AFC East last season and 0-3 in the regular season.

Browns’ fans can’t wait to get back to Cleveland.

The first-year head coach is having a good season, but the Bengals can’t let him off easy.

They’ll have to come back to win this game.


The winless Browns are averaging 5.3 yards per play in the fourth quarter. They rank

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