‘I’ll never be as good as my father’: How dad overcame childhood fears of basketball

With his father still working to recover from the birth of his second child, Joe DiMaggio became a basketball player.

Now, he is a motivational speaker, an actor and a regular on TV shows, including “The Voice.”

Joe DiMartino, now 94, is a father and basketball star with a rare ability to bring up his son, who is now 7.

Joe says he will never be the same.

Read more Joe DiMaio, a former basketball player, is the oldest player to ever be inducted into the Basketball Hall of Fame.

He has been a motivational speakers and is a regular guest on TV.

Joe DiMagois father, John, died in January of Parkinson’s disease.

Joe says he is happy his son is now a regular in TV shows and that his father was always around.

“I never had a father figure, so I was always in awe,” he said.

 “The thing about my father is he had the same mindset, the same attitude.

He had a positive attitude.

If he thought something was a good idea, he’d do it.

If something was wrong, he would get up and do it.”

Joe also believes his father helped him with the mental health challenges that came with being a father.

He says he also was a father of the same stature who always supported his children, and he never gave up hope.

I want to make a change, Joe said.

“It was always about the kid, the kid’s best interest, so you never gave in to any of the pressures.”

For Joe, his father’s legacy will continue to shape the way he looks at himself and his own basketball career.

DiMartino retired in December of this year and was inducted in 2018.