Dolphin Game in Tel Aviv, Jerusalem

Tel Aviv’s Dolphin Game is back, and it’s bigger than ever!

We’re not going to be kidding you about the magnitude of the event.

It’s an experience unlike any other we’ve ever had in Tel Aksar.

Here are the highlights: A special dolphin-themed menu The Dolphin Game will feature a selection of dishes from local chefs, including the popular Dachshund of Israel.

Guests can also enjoy a dolphin-shaped cupcake with a “Panda Cake” motif.

The food menu will include dishes from a wide range of traditional Jewish and Israeli dishes, including dishes from the renowned Shmuel and Avraham family.

The special dolphin themed menu will feature dishes from an eclectic selection of local chefs and local flavors.

There will be live entertainment and a DJ booth.

We hope you’ll join us!

Enjoy the dolphin game in Tel Aviv with our Dolphin Game menu.

It will be available in Tel Azaria at the Dolphin Game at Zavat. Enjoy!