What the NBA says about the top games on its website

Basketball games have been the focus of a growing number of lawsuits over the years, but one lawsuit over a top-tier game from a couple of years ago has captured the attention of the league, which is now suing to keep it on the internet. 

According to the lawsuit filed Monday in federal court in Washington, D.C., the NBA claims that in a lawsuit filed in 2013, a user of a site called BasketballsCards.com posted a video of a top basketball game that the league says was posted on its site without permission. 

“The user alleged that, without prior written permission, he created the video of NBA BasketballsCardGame, a video game in which the user played a role as the star of a team of basketball players in the NBA,” the lawsuit said.

“The user then posted the video on Basketballscardgame.com without any additional notice or compensation.”

In the lawsuit, the league accuses the user of posting the video without permission, and further claims that the user’s actions constitute copyright infringement.

“The NBA alleges that the use of the video is copyright infringement,” the league said in the lawsuit.

“As part of its copyright infringement claim, the NBA also alleges that in this instance, the user used the NBA’s trademarked and copyrighted image without authorization.”

The NBA’s suit says that the video in question is from a 2012 NBA Basketball League game that is now no longer on the NBA website, and that the company has been “intended” to be used by the user.

“To date, the NFL, NHL, NBA, and MLB have each agreed to take the steps necessary to address this type of use,” the NFL’s lawyers said in a statement.

The NBA says it will not comment further on the lawsuit at this time.