How to watch the AFC Champions League match against CSKA Moscow tonight

CSKA have been knocked out of the Champions League after losing 3-1 to Juventus in the group stage.

The last time they played in the competition was in 2006 and in that time, they had lost two out of three matches, with a 3-0 defeat to Paris Saint-Germain on their way to a 6-3 aggregate defeat.

The Serbian champions will now face CSKA on Wednesday night at the Stadio Olimpico and this time, it will be at a neutral venue.

In the last four years, Juventus have lost six out of six matches, the last being a 1-0 loss to AC Milan in the Champions’ League quarter-finals last season.

Juventus’ loss will mean they do not have a single Champions League win since 2007, when they qualified via a play-off against Inter Milan.

This time, the Juventus squad has had to cope with the loss of the player who scored the winner against Milan in Milan.

Mario Mandzukic scored a winner against Juventus in a 1,000th minute, but after that, Juve were without their best player.

The coach has made a decision to change Mandzuke’s role at the Juventus, but it is not a straightforward one.

He is a great player, but he is also a good person.

He’s very loyal, which means that his relationship with the fans is very important, he said after the match.

Juve fans have been angered at the way the team has been played by the Juve president, Angelino Alfano, who was not at the stadium.

He has been accused of being behind the incident by some of his players.

On Wednesday, Mandzuka said he was happy for his former teammates to have been involved in the incident.

I want to say to the players, ‘I am proud of you, I am proud for you, and I am not sorry for what you did.

I’m sorry for this incident that happened,’ he said.