What’s next for NRL?

Updated November 01, 2018 05:45:38The AFL has confirmed the AFL Cup, the final regular-season fixture between the AFL’s two main teams, will be moved to the new year, instead of the 2019 fixture.

The AFL announced the change on Thursday, with the decision announced in a statement from the league.

It was the first time since the AFL Grand Final in 2013 that the Grand Final would take place in the new calendar year.

The announcement came as AFL chief executive Gillon McLachlan confirmed the 2018 Grand Final and the 2021 Grand Final will not be televised on ABC TV.

“We have confirmed the fixture of the AFL AFL Grand Finals will be shifted to the New Year,” the statement read.

The decision means the AFL can continue to broadcast the AFL and the AFLW during the season, with AFLW games broadcast at the same time.

“The AFL will be able to continue to deliver the most exciting sporting events in Australia in the months ahead, including the AFL Women’s World Cup,” McLachlin said.

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