What you need to know about the latest Xbox and PlayStation news

It’s the third time in two years that the Xbox One has been the game of the year, but there are some new features and improvements in the Xbox Game Pass that are sure to make it even better.

There are two new game categories in the new game system, which will allow you to download new games to your console or PC at any time.

Games like Titanfall 2, Forza Horizon 3 and the Xbox Live Arcade titles are available in the Game Pass, and a selection of free games from Xbox Live will be coming soon.

The new Xbox GamePass has three different categories: Free, $4.99/month and $14.99 monthly.

This will let you download games and other digital content from the Xbox Store and Xbox One to your Xbox One, Windows 10 PC or Mac, but it will be very expensive for a $4/month Xbox Game pass.

There are also other free games that have been released for Xbox Game passes in the past.

This is the Xbox 360 version of the GamePass.

Xbox One owners can access it by going to Settings > Games > Xbox Gamepass and tapping on the Xbox logo at the top of the screen.

This is the only time that you can purchase a Game Pass for the Xbox one, so the new feature will probably appeal to gamers who like to play a wide variety of games at a discounted price.

In addition to the new Xbox game pass, the Xbox game consoles will also be getting a new controller.

This comes in three colors: white, pink and purple.

This console will be available in March for $99.99 and will feature a USB port.

There will also also be an Xbox Live-based online service called Xbox Live Gold, which allows Xbox One users to play games on other devices that have an Xbox One connection.

The Xbox One version of this service will be priced at $49.99, while the Xbox live Gold version will be $79.99.

The $79/month version will also come with free game downloads.

This console will also include the Xbox app for Xbox One and the PlayStation app for PlayStation 4.

It will be sold separately, but you can pre-order it from the Microsoft Store.

The console will only be available for purchase on March 10, 2017, so you will need to wait until March 11 to get yours.

The PlayStation app will be the only other game mode on the new console.

The PlayStation 4 version of PlayStation Now will be able to watch your friends play games, and it will also allow you download your PlayStation 4 games to play on a PS4.

This feature will be exclusive to the PlayStation 4 for the time being, but the PlayStation Plus service will soon add this feature to the Xbox store.