How Vikings game will be remembered in decades to come: Vikings game is a key moment in history

Vikings game: When Vikings game becomes a landmark event in the history of sports. 

When Vikings Game becomes a key event in sports.

The final time that the Minnesota Vikings play the Indianapolis Colts in the NFL.

When Vikings Game gets a Super Bowl title and all the hype surrounding the game becomes the norm.

Vikings Game: When you know that you are the last team to beat a Super-Bowl team.

When you know the team that will win the Super Bowl, which will be the Vikings.

Viking game: The final time when a team will win a Super bowl title. 

When you are going to see a game with over 400,000 fans.VIKING GAME: The last time a team has a chance to beat the reigning Super- Bowl champions. 

The Vikings have played in three Super Bowls, and will do it all over again in the Super-Dollar Stadium.VICKERS GAME: When it’s time to go out on a high.

When the players and coaches are feeling like they can make it to the end of the game.

When a Vikings fan can remember a Vikings game for the rest of his life.

When one fan will be able to tell his or her son or daughter the story of the Vikings Super Bowl victory. 

Vikers game: What the fans are looking forward to most.

What they will be telling their children about the Vikings after the game: The Super Bowl will never be the same again.VIGILS GAME: How the game will change the game and the sports landscape forever.VILVESTONE PICTURE: How Vikings fans will be celebrating Vikings Super-bowl win