How to fix #Floyd Mayweather’s career after three losses, one win

If Floyd Mayweather were to lose a third time to Manny Pacquiao, he would not be the first fighter to lose three fights.

The next man to do it was Jose Aldo.

In 2010, Aldo knocked out Andre Berto to become the only fighter to hold the UFC heavyweight title.

After that, Alde lost two more fights to Conor McGregor before Aldo retired in 2016.

Floyd Mayweather, who has won nine of his past 10 fights, lost to Pacquia on March 2, 2017, and his next fight is scheduled for June 3.

Mayweather is currently in a four-fight losing streak and he will likely face Pacquio next on June 3 if he can pull out a victory.

The UFC president, Dana White, made his feelings about the fight clear in a recent interview with TMZ Sports.

“He’s an absolute monster, and I think people need to realize that,” White said.

“It’s a great fight for Floyd Mayweather.

The last two fights he’s been a bit off, he’s lost in the past couple of weeks and he’s a guy that has never been beaten before in this sport.

It’s a good fight.

It should be a good match-up.”

White’s comments come after he made an announcement regarding Mayweather’s next fight earlier this week.

In a tweet from the UFC, he said that if Mayweather could get a win in his next bout, he’d like to see him face the winner of McGregor and Aldo, but he won’t fight anyone other than Mayweather, Pacquiol and Alde.

In other words, he won: Pacqui and Aldea are the two other opponents Mayweather has to lose in his UFC tenure, so if he wins, he’ll have to face Aldo in the first round.

White’s tweet also stated that he doesn’t have any plans to fight Mayweather again in the near future.