Which Hunger Games game will be the first to have a limited run?

The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 2 is expected to have limited runs beginning on Friday, August 17, the film’s director, Katniss Everdeen, has said.

The Hunger games, which premiered in 2012 and is now one of the biggest films in Hollywood, has had its own limited runs in theaters, including a special theatrical screening in 2014 that saw 2.5 million people watch the film.

But it’s not the first Hunger Games film to have its own extended run.

Earlier this month, The Hunger Game: Catching Fire opened in limited theatrical screenings for a week, in which fans of the franchise could watch the series through multiple different screens.

But the limited runs were ultimately only a short time-frame and the film didn’t have a single extended run like The Hunger King did.

Now that the series has finally started its limited run, Katny and Peeta, the characters that are featured in The Hunger Gate series, will be able to take on the challenge of running the largest group of people in history.

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“It’s a challenge that we’ve never had to do,” Katnish said.

“There’s no one else in the world that’s ever done it.

I mean, this is the first time that it’s been done.”

Katnish also revealed that the Hunger Games will be playing in new theaters this fall and that the film is slated to begin shooting in September.

“The Hunger Games is coming to theaters in September,” Katnosaid.

“We have the script, the screenplay and the first few days of shooting.

We have some great actors on board to give this the full impact.

We’re very excited.”

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