Video game, online games: A comparison

An Israeli man has posted a video game video on YouTube that shows how he played a dinosaur game.

The game is called ‘Dino’ and has a player controlling a dinosaur.

The video, titled ‘Dinosaur: An online game that makes you feel alive,’ was uploaded on Monday and has received more than 6,700 views.

It was filmed in a hotel in the northern city of Ashkelon, in the occupied West Bank.

A group of players can be seen battling to capture as many dinosaurs as possible, and then eating them.

One player can be heard exclaiming “I can eat all the dinosaurs!”

The man who uploaded the video, Yossi Sefer, said that he wanted to “celebrate the joys of dinosaurs, because it is a joy to have a dinosaur in my hands.”

The man said that in the game, he and his friends are playing “a dinosaur game.”

He said that the player who is the leader, who controls the dinosaur, can “punch” the dinosaur with a sword or shoot it with a cannon.

In the video the man says, “It’s like a puzzle, you have to be careful of the enemies.

It’s very exciting.”

According to the Hebrew news website Ynet, the game is a free download from a site called, which was set up by the Palestinian Ministry of Culture and Tourism.

The ministry has banned the site since May 10.

Ynet reported that the ministry issued a statement saying that the video violates the terms of service of the website and that the site has since been shut down.

“It is not a video that is free to view, it is paid,” said the ministry statement.

“It violates the laws of the State of Israel.

We will pursue legal measures against this illegal operation.”

The ministry also warned that the game has no connection to any Israeli government agency.

“The site is owned by a Palestinian entity, and it is illegal to distribute content that would infringe on the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Israel,” the statement said.