How to get a free ride to the game with your child

The NFL season is only just getting started, and the league is offering free tickets for parents to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers game.

And that’s only the first of a long list of giveaways that the league announced Tuesday, including the chance to get autographed photos of every player on the field during pregame festivities, an exclusive look at the Buccaneers’ official website, and a chance to meet former NFL players.

As part of the “Football in a Box” program, NFL owners are also offering free season tickets to some of the league’s most popular sports events.

The NFL and the NFL Players Association will work to secure those tickets for fans.

To learn more about the NFL’s “Football In A Box” initiative, visit

The league said in a news release that “all participating NFL clubs, teams, and leagues are in full compliance with the new concussion protocols” and that “no player has been impacted by a concussion, and all of the concussion protocol protocols have been in place.”

It’s a huge win for families, as the league has faced criticism in the past for its handling of concussions, which the league says are rare but can be debilitating for some.

Last year, the NFL announced it would be requiring all teams to implement a protocol to prevent players from taking “minor hits” on the head.