No games for this Saturday, but this is what you’ll be playing:

In case you missed it, Microsoft has announced that it will be closing its Xbox Live service for Friday and Saturday in the US, while it will still be available for a limited time through its online Xbox Marketplace.

This is a blow to gamers, as the service is the main source of income for online multiplayer games on Xbox Live.

In addition, the Xbox Marketplace has been plagued with issues with bots, the inability to play online games, and an inability to redeem your Xbox Live Gold subscription.

The Xbox Live Marketplace is one of the most important parts of the Xbox platform.

It lets users get the games they want, with the ability to buy them in-game and redeem them for real money.

With a limited number of hours to get games for sale on Xbox LIVE, gamers have been left without a way to play games at their leisure.

The service was also a source of revenue for Microsoft and its partners, but now that it’s shut down, gamers won’t be able to buy Xbox Live games and redeem their Xbox Live gold subscriptions.

Microsoft’s announcement is one in a series of Microsoft’s attempts to address the problems that gamers have faced with the Xbox Live platform, including issues with bot-like behavior.

The company says that the company will “reopen the Xbox 360 Marketplace for the Xbox One on Friday, May 25, at 5:00pm PT.”

Microsoft is also announcing that “there will be no online Xbox LIVE events on Xbox One or Xbox Live, but we will continue to work with Microsoft to support Xbox Live on Xbox 360.”

Microsoft has been working with Microsoft and Microsoft Partner Program (MPP) partners to fix the problems with bots.

Microsoft is encouraging all Xbox Live users to continue playing games on their consoles, but Microsoft has also taken a number of steps to mitigate issues that have arisen.

These include limiting the number of online sessions that can be held at any one time, making the Xbox LIVE Marketplace free, and letting users play games in-app.

Microsoft also has introduced a new game mode called the Xbox Fitness Challenge, which is a new type of Xbox Fitness competition that allows players to earn Xbox Live Points and earn Xbox LIVE Gold for playing in-store.

Microsoft has also launched a new feature called the Microsoft Rewards program that allows Xbox Live members to earn $1 off any Xbox Live-enabled purchase.

The $1 rebate comes with a $10 Xbox Live credit.