How a dinosaur game inspired a life in video games

By John EicklerCBC NewsA life-sized dinosaur game, which helped to shape a girl’s love of video games, has been immortalised in video game history.

As part of a video game museum at the University of Alberta, a group of young girls came together to build a dinosaur in the style of a classic Disney film, Jurassic Park, using cardboard and cardboard boxes to form the shape of the creature.

The project has been a life-long passion of the two girls, Emily B. and Lauren R. , who both attended the university.

Emily says her daughter and sister-in-law both played the game and wanted to share their passion for dinosaurs with others.

“It was so much fun and fun for us,” Emily said.

“We just wanted to do something that would be meaningful for people to experience.”

While it’s been a lifelong passion for Emily and her sister-to-be, Lauren, the dinosaurs have been a real boon for their friends, the project has inspired them to be more involved in their communities.

“We wanted to build something that people would enjoy, because that’s what we really love,” Lauren said.

Emily, Lauren and their friends were able to build their own dinosaur through the collaboration of several other local students and professors.

“They actually created their own dinosaurs and the game is about a dinosaur who’s trying to save the world,” Emily added.

“That’s something that we love.

I’ve always loved dinosaurs.

We were just really excited to try to build them and share it with the world.”

The group had to figure out how to create the dinosaur’s head, wings and body.

Emily and Lauren also had to work out the exact dimensions of the dinosaurs and even the placement of their heads.

“I had to make a bunch of adjustments in the drawing,” Lauren explained.

“And I had to take a picture and then I had the computer do the calculations.

And then I was like, oh my God, I have to make sure I have my arms and legs squared, because it was going to be a real mess.””

The best part of it is we have this dinosaur that’s really cute,” Emily continued.

“It’s just like, we’re making it, and it’s so cute.”

The project was the brainchild of Emily and other students, and the girls are proud of the results.

“You know how it is, in this business, when you’re like, ‘Oh my god, I want to do this thing, and I’m really passionate about it,'” Emily said, laughing.

“Well, we decided to give back and build something for the whole world to see.”

Emily and Lauren are not the only ones excited to see how the dinosaur project plays out over the next year.

They hope to work with other local groups in their area to create similar projects in the future.

“The dinosaurs really help us understand our world,” Lauren continued.

“If we can just keep building the dinosaurs, maybe we can start to understand ourselves, so that’s why we’re so excited about it.

We just want to help others understand the world that we live in.”

The girls say the project will help them find their passion in life and build stronger relationships with other people.

“My dream is to go to the beach and do the same thing as my friends, but with dinosaurs,” Lauren concluded.